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Meet The Team!

Kaylene Joseph DOMP, R.M.O BFA, YT
Registered Manual Osteopath
Clinic Owner

   As a formal professional dancer (BFA- Contemporary Dance 2012 Concordia University) and yoga instructor (Yoga Source 2008), Kaylene has a broad knowledge and understanding of the mechanics of the body. Her interest in Manual Osteopathy flourished after working as a traction therapist in a chiropractic environment. After graduating from the National Academy of Osteopathy in 2015, Kaylene worked between Dublin and London as a Manual Osteopath before setting out to bring her talents home to Ontario. 

   Not one body is the same as the next- this means you can typically find Kaylene taking a broad range of courses to add to her repertoire of techniques. In addition to Manual Osteopathy, she is also fully certified in practicing Rapid Neuro Fascial Reset (great for patients who like a stronger approach!), as well as Strain and Counterstrain techniques (great for those who require a softer approach!). 

Vanessa Iannucci
Reiki Master & Wellness Advocate

   Vanessa of Via Wellness with Vanessa Iannucci, encourages your hopes, daydreams & wishes into your reality, through gentle bodywork, energy work, essential oil plant wisdom, and other holistic practices. When balancing & realigning via wellness tools and modalities, you are empowered to live from a place of consistent health and joy!

   Vanessa came into conscious health practices as a youth. Vanessa seemed to be more sensitive to everything (think Princess and the Pea with her surroundings, other people and her body). As it turned out this allowed for even more exploration and growth in healing and health.  Her formal training began in 2005 with Reiki certification. Vanessa’s innate access to awareness continues to develop through practice and ongoing continuing education. Her most recent learnings include the therapeutic use of essential oils (including the gentle body touch application of these oils in AromaTouch Technique).

   A very important aspect of how Vanessa is able to now support others to their health and joy is through her experience and personal healing journey.  She offers you what she knows from a full & overflowing cup/wellspring.

Heather Macdonald
RMT (Sutherland-Chan 2007)

   Heather has been proudly practicing Registered Massage Therapy in York Region for over a decade with an evolving, unconventional, holistic approach to massage therapy. She applies keen problem-solving skills and intuition to get to the source of your soft tissue and joint dysfunctions; then uses compassionate individualized touch to assess and treat your aches and pains; all while facilitating a better relationship between your conscious mind and your body. Her subtle use of pressure can get past your muscle guarding reflexes, allowing you to relax and retrain your body without feeling overworked or overwhelming your nervous system. Heather has extensive experience working with pre and perinatal clientele, both in a pelvic floor rehab setting and as a labour support practitioner; she is delighted to be working towards her certification as a birth Doula. She continues to pursue her education in a variety of healing modalities including Cranio-Sacral Therapy, Visceral Manipulation; and is also well versed in the more traditional Swedish massage techniques as well as gentle fascial release, strain/counterstrain techniques, neural pathway re-training, breath work, and meditative work like Reiki, and Huna.
   Heather's interests include Shamanism, eastern philosophy, meditation, pregnancy & birth, parenting, comparative anatomy, pets, comedy, and yoga.

Luciano De Blasis
RMT (CCMH 2014)

   Luciano attended CCMH for massage therapy and has been practicing since 2014. Luciano’s passion for sports and health science is what influenced him to become a massage therapist. He specializes in deep tissue, as well as Swedish massage. Luciano looks forward to treating you at Happy Bones Osteopathy & Wellness Clinic!

Jennifer Snider
RMT (Everest 2011)

   Jennifer graduated from Everest College in Newmarket 2011.  Jennifer is proficient in Swedish Massage - treating everyday aches and pains, from headaches to overall muscle tension.  Jennifer uses relaxation techniques with light to moderate pressure to relieve tension and trigger points, improve range of motion and help facilitate the body’s ability to heal.  

Hannah Kavanagh
Holistic Nutrition

   Hannah’s interest in nutrition sparked at a young age because of her own struggles with health and wellness. She attended The Institute of Holistic Nutrition and obtained her Certified Nutritional Practitioner Diploma. This heightened her passion for health and wellness in the path of holistic nutritional consulting. Hannah completed her co-op hours in a student clinic providing clients with individualized diet, lifestyle, and supplementation recommendations. She has been working with clients with a variety of needs ever since. Hannah strives to continue expanding her knowledge to improve the well being of her clients. She is looking forward to meeting you and starting your health and wellness journey!

Danielle Reaume
Life Coach, MNLP, MTLT, QCP™

  Throughout her 14 years in the Hospitality Industry (BA S), Dani grew her love for building relationships. She has a genuine interest in learning about others, understanding finding out what makes them happy and excited about life! Along her hospitality journey, her staff and customers continued to confide in her and share their personal struggles and triumphs.


  In 2010 she dove into personal and professional development; she graduated and became an Assistant Coach of the Dale Carnegie Human Relations Program. She learned information and tools in communication, interpersonal skills, conflict resolution, how to build confidence, set goals and leadership. In 2014 she continued her journey by becoming an International Toastmaster to further her communication and public speaking skills.


  In 2015 she knew that while she was an excellent Wedding and Event Planner, she was burnt out from the grueling schedule and demands of the industry. At the same time, she was in a toxic relationship and believed that fairy-tale love (in real-life) and a fulfilling career were things she could have, she just didn’t know how to find them.  That’s when she met her own Life Coach!

  In her first session with her coach, the final piece of the career puzzle, fit into place. Dani saw that the type of coaching she was receiving, was exactly the type of work that would bring her biggest passions to life. Her coach also was a believer and was in a fun, healthy, happy, loving romantic relationship – talk about #lifegoals!!

Dani is a Master Practitioner and Master Coach in Neuro Linguistic Program and a Master Practitioner in the Quantum Change Process ™.


  Dani works with successful, driven women to figure out what they really want in life, what is stopping them from having it and guides them to break through their limiting beliefs. Then, its time to create a custom plan to get them to exactly where they want to go in life. Life is a journey and sometimes we get off-track. Dani is like a personal navigation system that helps you re-route!

  Some of the areas of focus with her clients: teaching healthy communication skills, increasing self-esteem, learning how to set and maintain healthy boundaries, focus on how to prioritize yourself and understand what you really want and need for yourself, and in relationships with others.

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